Bites & Share

Mussels   11
Horseradish, fennel, white wine, aioli

Chicken Potstickers    8

Fried chicken spices, honey mustard, b&b pickles

Kale Johnny Cakes    7

Butter bean hummus, grapefruit, herb salad

Berkshire Pork Ribs    8
Sorghum BBQ, pickled melon, creamed corn

Gulf Prawns    10

Yuzu tartar sauce, tapioca fritter, compressed cucumber, smoked onion

Chicken Wings    9

Fermented buffalo sauce, bleu fondue, smoked chicken, celery, radish

Hansen's Dairy Fried Cheese Curds    9

Creamed spinach, everything bagel crumble, housemade green onion chips

Smoked Salmon Tostada    6

White bean, pickled mussels, pepper escabeche

Sourdough Bread W/ Cultured Butter    5

Pasture & Sea

Crispy Chicken   17

Deboned and in Hawaiian style adobo sauce with roasted root vegetables and Jasmine rice

Iowa Beef New York Strip    23

Braised mustard, fermented butter, loaded baked potato, house steak sauce

Halibut    25

Potato crust, wild rice pilaf, kuri squash puree, savory granola, glazed parsnips.

Duck Pot Pie    18

Seasonal vegetables, Hansen's Dairy  cream, schmaltz pastry crust & fresh herb salad

Berkwood Farms Roasted Pork Loin    21

Charred leeks, pickled mushrooms, savory caramel, better bean hummus.

Salmon    24

Honey mustard glaze, cabbage sauce, orzo pilaf, braised kale.

Bistro Burger    13

Local Angus beef, onion jam, shaved truffle mornay sauce, b&b pickles, tater tots.

Pasta & Greens

Buckwheat Cavatelli    21

Tiger prawns, spicy tomato gravy, sweet corn, zucchini, charred onion veil

Duck and Chestnut Ravioli    22

Potato croquettes, braised leeks, smoked jus, hoisin sauce

Spinach Risotto    18

Crispy onions, goat cheese, everything bagel crumble, fresh herbs

Spinach Salad    9

Grilled asparagus, roasted heirloom tomatoes, shaved & salted cucumber, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, house beer mustard vinaigrette.